SHIPPING POLICYWelcome to KardXP!KardXP is owned and operated by KardXP LLC.This Shipping Policy explains our return rules and guidelines for any printed materials/goods or products KardXP offers that have been purchased through the KardXP website
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By using the website, you accept the shipping policy by KardXP, in the terms contained in this policy. We reserve the right to update and revise the Shipping Policy and Guidelines without prior notice to reflect changes in our policies or services. Please make sure that you review it frequently as anytime you place an order with KardXP the current Shipping Policy and Guidelines will apply. KardXP offers several shipping options this can include FedEx and UPS or their related services. Our standard shipping level (“Standard Shipping”) is by ground or economy shipping. Shipping rates will be presented based on what should be the most efficient option available for your orderIf you have dated or time sensitive material please plan accordingly; leave plenty of time to receive your order. We are not responsible for any late shipping occurrences that may happen. Our shipping charges are based on the rates charged by the carrier, as they may vary from time to time. All orders are shipped FOB shipping point, which means ownership and risk of loss transfers to you once we deliver the order to our shipping carrier. Ownership and risk of loss will transfer to you when you (or your agent) take possession of the order. We cannot use a customer's personal account with UPS, Fed Ex or any other carrierThe estimated delivery time for any given shipment will vary according to the method of shipping you choose and/or by your location. Please note that although we strive to meet the estimated delivery times, because we use a third-party shipping service, we are not able to guarantee a specific delivery date or time.For Standard Shipping to a delivery point within the United States you can expect most packages/orders to arrive within 14 business days.KardXP will ship to destinations outside of the United States. You should contact KardXP to receive an estimate of the shipping time involved. All pricing for international shipments is in USD. Our pricing includes product and shipping costs only; customs duties and other costs incurred as a result of international shipping are in addition to our costs and you are separately responsible for these costs. We reserve the right to refuse to ship to certain international locations. Please contact KardXP for more information regarding international shipping. We reserve the right to change the site initially allocated to the production of your order. (For example, equipment failure, natural disaster or order volumes may impact our production capacity requirements necessitating a change in site). Should this happen, you may be informed by email and it may impact your estimated shipping time, etc. If you are ordering multiple products, it is possible that these shipping times may vary for each separate product. We are able to consolidate multiple orders for group shipping. But, group shipping must follow the rules listed below. 1. The following rules apply to group shipping orders: a. Orders must all be placed at the same time;b. Group shipping must be designated at time of order; c. All orders must be same product type;d. All orders must have same turnaround time (NOTE: Same day turnaround is not available on group shipping); e. Each order must be for the same quantity (e.g., 1,000 business cards); f. Order must go to same address; g. Order must have same contact person. 2. Choosing group shipping may add more turnaround time. Please factor this into you order time3. If one or more jobs in the group of orders designated for group shipping is delayed, for any reason, all jobs within the same group will be held and delayed until all jobs are complete. 4. The due date for all jobs designated for group shipping will be determined by the time of the final approval of the last approved job within the group. If an order for six jobs is placed on a Monday and they are designated for group shipping, but one or more of the jobs are not approved until Wednesday, then the turnaround time and due date will be calculated as if all jobs were approved on Wednesday5. Once a group of orders has been designated for group shipping we cannot release any part of the order from the group for an alternative mode of shipping (earlier or later).6. A change to the shipping service or address can be made through the link on the site up to the point of bindery only We recommend that you do not choose group shipping for any job that has a time sensitive deadline. Orders that exceed size or weight limitations for the selected delivery level may be divided into multiple boxes. Your order confirmation and/or product tracking information will reflect the number boxes you can expect for your order. If your order is divided into multiple boxes, each box will incur a separate shipping charge and we cannot guarantee that all of the boxes will be received on the same day. Because our carriers generally do not ship to a Post Office box, it is your responsibility to verify that an actual street address has been entered, and that it is the correct and accurate address (including zip code) for your delivery. Economy Shipping does ship to residential and Post Office Box addresses; however, a correct and accurate address is required. We strongly recommend that you include a telephone contact number in your shipping information. We are not responsible for any delays, losses or increased delivery charges caused by mistaken or incorrect delivery addresses.
We are not responsible for any delays or losses of product once the product is delivered to the carrier for shipment.Please verify that your payment information has been correctly entered. Shipments may be delayed because of improper credit card information and we are not responsible for any delay or loss associated with this.Holidays may affect and delay your shipping times. Please take holidays into account when estimating your package delivery time. If a package is not delivered due to a customer refusal (which would include a failure to pick up the product from the carrier, if applicable) or an error made by the customer, e.g., not submitting the proper shipping address, it may cause the package to be reshipped (with the corrected address if applicable), and you will be charged an additional shipping fee for this reshipment. You may also incur additional fees as a result of the inability of the carrier to deliver the order, as well as return fees. Even if you decline to have a product reshipped, you will continue to be responsible for the product cost, original shipping and any additional fees incurred as a result of the product being returned, and you consent to these fees being charged against the credit card used for the transaction.If, after placing an order, you wish to change the shipping address you may do so up until the time the order is out for delivery. Each time that you request that we intercept and transport an order to a new shipping address (i.e., other than the one currently chosen) you will incur an administrative fee of at least twelve dollars and thirty-five cents ($12.35) as well as any increases in the shipping fees and other charges the carrier service may impose. You consent to these fees and charges being charged against the credit card used for the transaction. We will make every effort to adhere to the estimated shipping schedule and delivery date for your order. However, equipment failures, technical problems, shipping delays and other problems beyond our control may delay the printing and delivery process. However, such delays are not grounds for cancellation of an order. By placing an order with KardXP you are agreeing that we are not responsible or liable for, and no refund, cancellation or credit will be due as a result of shipping company delays, acts of God, weather conditions, environmental or dangerous goods incidents, perils of the air,Please take note that if you choose a residential address as your delivery address the carrier will typically not require a signature at the time of delivery and the package may be left at the address. If you require a delivery signature, please contact KardXP


If you have questions or concerns about this return policy and the handling and security of your data, please contact us through our contact page or via the contact information below: