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KardXP makes it easy for anyone to create custom landing pages. Use it digitally or apply your QR code to hundreds of printable options. - All in one place.

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Everything you need, all in one place.

Why go to one website to make a generic landing page, then go to another website to create a custom QR code linked to your landing page...and then have to use ANOTHER resource to print the QR code?
Your time is valuable. Do it ALL with us!

Step 1 - Custom landing page

Save time with our templated landing pages or get creative and design your own. Endless possibilities.

Step 2 - Design QR code

Black and white QR codes are boring. Customize the colors and shapes of your codes to match your brand.

Step 3 - Print it!

Take that QR code and print it on hundreds of options. Take your landing pages with you on the go.

Landing pages catered to you.

Our landing pages were made with YOU in mind. Save time by using one of our amazing templates or get creative and design your own. Either way, their is an option for everyone. Each landing page you make is given a unique QR code to use digitally or on printed material.

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Dynamic QR codes for every situation.

The most advanced QR codes - instantly change your landing page without having to alter your link or reprint your QR code. Keep track of in-depth analytics to help understand your audience without ever having to leave the KardXP platform.

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Increase interaction with printables.

Our All-In-One platform makes it easy to create a custom landing page and extend your QR code by printing it on any of our printable options.

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