Dynamic QR codes that
deliver stats.

Keep track of in-depth analytics to help understand your audience without ever having to leave the KardXP platform.

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The QR code difference.

Robust analytics

Keep track of every scan. Gain crucial information to help understand your desired audience.

Increase engagement

Enhance your audience's experience with engagement. This helps lead to more traffic and enhance brand exposure.

Dynamic codes

Easily edit or modify any of your data without ever having to change your QR code.

Connect media

Connect your QR code with various landing pages and media types. Bridge the gap between digital and print platforms.

Never reprint

Save on printing costs! Instantly change your landing page data without reprinting your QR code.


QR codes are EVERYWHERE! A simple scan from a smartphone can easily access multimedia platforms.

No printables? No problem.

Simply open your QR code directly from your landing page and download it for an easy way to share your information. Whether it be at events, meetings, or social gatherings, this is a free easy tool that every landing page has!